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Gustav (Eva Jantschitsch, from Graz in Austria) composes and produces songs on her laptop, plays every instrument imaginable and sings with a power that is simply spellbinding. Gustav sings her songs in various languages – the appeal is universal.
Eva Jantschitsch lives and works in Vienna, composing and producing music for theatre, film and iPods. Her first performance as a musician was at a festival of women's bands in 2002, accompanied by a child's cassette recorder. From that feminist context networks were formed that are still in existence. For the release of her first album, RETTET DIE WALE [SAVE THE WHALES], Eva Jantschitsch did most of the work – recording, cover artwork, electronic samples and editing – herself, developing it at home with minimal means, and only going into the studio for the vocal tracks.
As part of her commission for the Vienna Festwochen she composed parts of the music for the play 'Draußen tobt die Dunkelziffer' [Outside the unrecorded cases are raging] by Kathrin Röggla and the score for Sepp R. Brudermann's documentary film '51/2 Roofs'.  
In 2005 Gustav was awarded the Amadeus Austrian Music Award as 'FM4 Alternative Act of the Year'.  
Rettet die Wale (Mosz / Cargo Records, 2004)
Verlass die Stadt [Leave Town] (Chicks on Speed Records, 2008)

Gustav - Verlass die Stadt (live)

Thomas Meinecke

Thomas Meinecke (born in  Hamburg in 1955,) was the editor of the avantgarde journal 'Mode & Verzweiflung' (Fashion and Desperation). He has written columns for Die Zeit, as well as novels and short stories. In 1980 he founded the band Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle (F.S.K.) (Voluntary Self-Control), with which he has since released more than a dozen albums, and he has worked as a radio DJ. his collected song lyrics were published by Suhrkamp Verlag in 2007 as 'Lob der Kybernetik' [Praise of Cybernetics] .    
The FAZ has written, "Thomas Meinecke, as a musician, writer and DJ, is one of those dazzling figures who defy categorisation." He has received mayn awards for his work, most recently the Karl-Sczuka Prize for Radio Drama as Radio Art.  
Selected bibliography  
The Church of John F. Kennedy (novel, 1996)
Tomboy (novel, Suhrkamp-Verlag, 2001)
Musik (novel, Suhrkamp-Verlag, 2004)
Lob der Kybernetik (collected song lyrics, Suhrkamp-Verlag, 2007)
Jungfrau [Virgin] (novel, Suhrkamp-Verlag, 2008)  
Selected discography  
Teilnehmende Beobachtung [Participating Observation] (ZickZack, 1981) Stürmer (ZickZack, 1982)
Son Of Kraut (Sub Up Records, 1991)
Tel Aviv (Sub Up Records, 1998)
X (Sub Up Records, 2000)
Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle (Buback, 2008)



PeterLicht is one of the sharpest observers and most brilliant musicians in the German-language pop scene; his albums have been praised by audience and critics alike.
Until March 2006, people were in the dark about PeterLicht – there were no photos of him and nothing was known of his biography. His first public appearance was for the launch of his first book at the Leipzig Book Fair in 2006. Since then there have been a succession of concert and book tours, but he still refuses to permit photos to be taken of him. When he appeared on the Harald Schmidt Show in 2007, the camera never showed his face.
As well as being a musician, PeterLicht also works as a theatre director, poet and writer of prose and drama. In 2007 he received the 3sat Prize and the audience prize in the Ingeborg Bachmann competition for his text 'Die Geschichte meiner Einschätzung am Anfang des dritten Jahrtausends' [The story of the way I see things at the start of the third millenium], about which Die Welt wrote, "hilarious, morbid, a linguistic tour de force. A cabaret-like deconstructive masterpiece."  
Wir werden siegen. Buch vom Ende des Kapitalismus [Victory will be ours. Book of the end of capitalism] (Blumenbar Verlag, 2006)
Die Geschichte meiner Einschätzung am Anfang des dritten Jahrtausends (Blumenbar Verlag, 2008)  
Vierzehn Lieder [Fourteen Songs] (Modul, 2001)
Stratosphärenlieder [Songs of the Stratosphere] (Modul, 2003)
Lieder Vom Ende Des Kapitalismus (Motor Music, 2006)
Melancholie Und Gesellschaft [Melancholy And Society] (Motor Music, 2008)  

Das absolute Glück