Artists 2010 – Alphabet

Christiane Hommelsheim

Christiane Hommelsheim (born in 1970 in Göppingen, Germany) is a voice performer, actor and video artist. In her performances she concentrates on the sound character of the voice and its various expressive possibilities. She works with live loops, improvisation and composition. Inspired by intensive voice training at the Roy Hart Center (Malerargues, France) and at the Institute for living voice (with David Moss and others) she developed her skills in the direction of 'extended vocal technique'.In 2008 she was the assistant and co-performer of David Moss in "Living voice - Osnabrück singt".As well as a scholarship in the Künstlerhaus Lukas from the Cultural Fund Foundation in 1998, she received the promotional prize of the HBK Saar in 2004 for her work in collaboration with Walli Höfinger.
Performances (a selection):schwere-los + bodyscripts-bild 1, voice performer in the performance by Walli Höfinger, 2002.dual.bodies, voice performer in the dance performance by Walli Höfinger and Ingo Reulecke, 2003.Behind every face, solo performance in collaboration with Judi Wilson, 2003.You can count on me, solo performance supported by Margret Cameron, 2007.The Runner, choreographed by Deborah Hay, solo performance, 2009.

Diana Kitzinski

Diana Kitzinski (born in 1977 in Opole, Poland) lives in Berlin. She is one of the few interior designers to be concerned with sound and acoustics. Even as a student at the Detmold School of Architecture and Interior Design she was researching acoustic materials. For the Zeche Zollverein in Essen she designed a Chamber Music Room for New Music. From 2007 to 2008 she worked in the Stuttgart interior design firm Atelier Brückner and was involved in the development of various sound projects.In her projects she creates a connection between spatial art and sound art, using material garnered from urban research. She is currently taking part in the research and design of the acoustic environment of Ernst Reuter Platz with the "auditive architektur" laboratory. Her meeting the programmer Brigitte Krämer during the Berlin "Operare" workshop in 2009 has resulted in an interdisciplinary collaboration of sound and architecture. With her "Alphabet" project, she reached third place in the Berlin "Operare" competition in 2009, together with Irene Mattioli and Christiane Hommelsheim.
Projects (a selection):Design for Chamber Music Room for New Music for the Zeche Zollverein in Essen, 2006.Design for a temporary pavilion for Contemporary Music, 'Ohrenstrandmobil', 2009.Development of a room installation 'Klangliege' in association with, 2010.

Irene Mattioli

Irene Mattioli (born in 1976 in Rome, Italy) lives and works as a director in Zurich. After completing a course in directing at the Accademia Nazionale "Silvio D’Amico" in Rome, she came on a scholarship to Berlin in 2004, becoming active in the Acting course at the Universität der Künste. As founder of the Bagatelle No. 5 ensemble, she has staged works by such authors as Ingeborg Bachmann and Jean Cocteau. Projects such as "Working for Paradise", a workshop as part of the Napoli Teatro Festival Italia, underline the diversity and range of Mattioli's still young career. Her special relationship with the medium of music is shown especially in her musical-theatrical interpretation of Ingeborg Bachmann's novel “Malina”.
Work as director (a selection):
Le voce umana. (The Human Voice) by Jean Cocteau in Areal 28, Berlin, 2006.
Ein Tag wird kommen. (A Day Will Come), monologue stage version of Ingeborg Bachmann's novel Malina in the Wunschtheater of the Stadttheater Hildesheim, 2006.
Die bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant (The bitter tears of Petra von Kant) by Rainer Werner Fassbinder in the Brotfabrik Berlin, 2007.
Sonst sagt niemand etwas. (Otherwise nobody says anything) musical-theatrical adaptation after Ingeborg Bachmann's Malina in the Theaterkapelle Berlin, 2008.

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