Roman Honet

Roman Honet (born 1974 in Krakow, Poland) is a polish poet and literary critic. He teaches Creative Writing in the literary-artistic studio at the Jagellonian University in Krakow. From 1995-2008 he edited the literary journal “Studium” and the books published by this journal. His poems have been translated into several languages including English, German, Russian and Italian. Honet’s verse is full of contrasts, with a moving combination of sensitivity, sensibility and cruelty. It is dominated by existential unease, which the poetic “I” tries to overcome with images from the past and language full of irony.
Alicja (1996)
Pójdziesz synu do piekła (1998)
Serce (2002)
baw się  (2008)
Moja (2008)
Editor of “Antologia nowej poezji polskiej 1990-2000” (2001)

Roman Honet - cmentarz niewierzących zwierząt