Oswald Egger

Oswald Egger (c) gezett

Oswald Egger, born in 1963 in Lana, South Tyrol, studied Philosophy and Literature at the University of Vienna. From 1988-1998 he edited the magazine Der Prokurist and the edition per procura series and from 1986-1995 he organised the Lana Days of Culture. He publishes mainly poetry, his books including Die Erde der Rede (1993), Nichts, das ist (2001), nihilum album (2007) and Die ganze Zeit (2010). As well as readings and performances, he also makes exhibitions and artists’ books. Since 2011 he has held the newly-created professorship for Language and Design at the Muthesius School of Art in Kiel. He has received many awards for his work, including the Karl Sczuka Prize, the Oskar Pastior Prize (2010) and the outstanding artist award für Literatur (2014). The poet Oswald Egger is described as “a collector of words at the place of origin of language” who explores in his work the many voices and forms of appearance and perception of world in language.