Odile Kennel

Odile Kennel Foto: Heike Bogenberger

Her first book of poetry was published in 2013. In this book, “oder wie heißt diese interplanetare Luft” (or what do you call this interplanetary air), Odile Kennel (born 1967, Bühl/Baden) sonorously and sensuously describes a present, which permits moments of transcendence even in its quotidian simplicity.

The prose and poetry writer, who grew up bilingual, has distinguished herself through her active translation work. From the French, Portuguese and Spanish, she has translated contemporary poets such as Ricardo Domeneck, Damaris Calderón and Jean Portante.

Before moving to Berlin in 1999, she studied Cultural Studies and Political Science in Tübingen, Berlin and Lisbon, as well as Cultural Management in Dijon and Bukarest.

In 2014 Kennel won second place in the Munich Poetry Prize. She has been awarded numerous scholarships.

Publications (selected)

oder wie heißt diese interplanetare Luft (or what do you call this interplanetary air), dtv premium 2013
Was Ida sagt (What Ida says), dtv premium 2011
Wimpernflug, eine atemlose Erzählung (Eyelash-flight, a Breathless Story), Edition Ebersbach 2000