Neşe Yaşin

Neşe Yaşin (b. 1959 in Peristerona, Cyprus) is a Turkish-Cypriot poet and teaches the Turkish language at the University of Cyprus. In 1965, she and her family fled to the north of the island. A sociologist and peace activist, she was critical of the internationally unrecognised regime of the 'Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus'. Her political convictions led her to move in 1997 to the Republic of Cyprus, where she has since then been active in the Greek Cypriot popular movement, including as co-editor of the journal “Hade”. However, this involvement is not reflected in openly political poetry; rather, Yaşin pours her experience of double exile into the poetic mould of love poems. Thus, Neşe Yaşin has two personas – the public persona, who is a newspaper columnist and radio broadcaster, and the poetic persona, whose subject is the liberating and reconciling power of love. An unmistakeable face has been put on this persona in six books of verse and a novel. She has not only been awarded the only literary prize in the northern part of the island, but is also the first Turkish Cypriot to receive the Cultural Prize of the Republic of Cyprus. Her poems are represented in German in the anthology „Zypern literarisch” (Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus 2008), and English versions of her work can be seen online here:
Publications (a selection):
Sümbül ile Nergis, 1978.
Savaşların Gözyaşları, 1980.
Ay Aşktan Yapılmıştır, Gendaş Kültur 2000.
Üzgün Kızların Gizli Tarihi, İletişim Yayınları 2002.
Bellek Odaları, Dünya Kitaplar, 2005.
Seçme Şiirler, Amargi, 2008.
Zypern literarisch, Botschaft der Republik Zypern, 2008.