Karl Holmqvist

Karl Holmqvist, born in 1964 in Västerås, Sweden, visual artist, is known for his text-based works. After living in New York for many years he now lives in Berlin. His works since the early 1990s have been based on text, published in many different forms – as posters, wall paintings, installations, videos and in readings. Holmqvist uses text material from favourite songs, political phrases, literary quotes, art-historical references and individual letters of the alphabet. He is a master of the ambiguity of words and sentences, which he displaces and reconnects in new ways. His art has been presented in such places as Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New York (2015), the Nasjionalmuseet Oslo (2014), The Living Art Museum, Reykjavik (2008), Manifesta 7 – Comitato Manifesta 7, Bolzano (2008) and at the PERFORMA 05, New York (2005).

Publications: Hymn To Pan, vinyl record, Apparent Extent, Munich 2011; Peep – Hole Sheet, Issue 8, Milan 2011; Karl Holmqvist Readings, CD, Neu Records, Berlin 2010; WHAT ́S MY NAME, Book Works, London 2009; CONTENTS, Artist's Xerox book, Living Art Museum, Reykjavik 2008; FACEHUG, Photographic Collage and Concrete Poem, Facehug, Berlin 2007