Gregor Podlogar

Gregor Podlogar (born 1974 in Ljubljana, Slovenia) studied philosophy and has published two books of verse to date. In 2003 he created an experimental book about New York City with a painter and a poet. Gregor Podlogar lives in his birthplace, Ljubljana, presents cultural broadcasts on the radio and occasionally performs as a DJ. He also translates contemporary American poetry (C. Hawkey, L. Solomon, P. Killebrew, A. Berrigan) and is the editor of the Slovenian edition of 
Naselitve (States) (Aleph Press 1997)
Vrtoglavica zanosa (Joy in Vertigo)  (Aleph Press 2002)
Milijon sekund blize (A Million Seconds closer) (Sherpa Press 2006)
Vesela nova ušesa (Happy New Ears) (Sherpa Press 2010)