Ginka Steinwachs

Ginka Steinwachs (c) Lucia Brogle-Finatti

Ginka Steinwachs, born in Göttingen an der Leine, lets the words dance and stumble in her poems. She stretches them and twists them, lets them explode and implode, scatters the letters and in this way celebrates the surreal. As a performer and visual poet she explores the boundaries of literature. She currently lives in Berlin’s Linienstrasse and commutes between Berlin Mitte and the Mediterranean. She studied Religious Studies, Comparative Literature and Philosophy in Berlin and Paris and gained her doctorate with a thesis on Breton’s Nadja. She has received many prizes including the third prize in the Ingeborg Bachmann Competition in Klagenfurt in 1985 and in 1995 the Hubert Fichte Prize of the Free Hanse City of Hamburg. Nine collections of her poetry have been published by the Passagen Verlag in Vienna since 2002.

Publications: Musterknabenmädchen in Barcelona (Passagen Verlag 2014), Catwalk von Temperamenten nach Art eines Traumalphabeths. Project: D O K U M E N T A R T, expo of her writings & SCHR(ift)OBJEKTE (SCR(ipt)OBJECTS) this year, starting with the Poesiefestival