Dr. Peer Trilcke

Dr. Peer Trilcke (c) Jana Wolf

Dr. Peer Trilcke, born 1981, is currently deputing for Heinrich Detering as the Professor of Modern German Literature and Comparative Literature at the University of Göttingen. He gained his doctorate in 2011 with a thesis on Thomas Kling, which earned him the Christian- Gottlob Heyne Prize in 2012. Until 2013, Trilcke headed together with Detering the project Historical Poetry by the Working Group for the Poetics of Poetic Literatures. He co-edits Litlog. Göttinger eMagazin für Literatur – Kultur – Wissenschaft and since 2006 has organised the Göttingen Lichtenberg Poetics Lectures. Since 2007 he has also published journalism in the Frankfurter Rundschau and the journal Literaturen, among others.