Cia Rinne

Cia Rinne © Aleks Sloka

Cia Rinne (b. 1973 in Gothenburg, Sweden) has Finnish and Swedish roots and grew up in Germany. She studied Philosophy in Frankfurt am Main, Helsinki and Athens and lives in Berlin. Her minimalist and experimental texts are written in several languages including English, German and French and reduce complex philosophical and linguistic questions down to tonal essences. They play with phonetic similarities and sense shifts between languages. Frequently, the starting point is an idea, a word or a quote that is given shape and then in performance develops a tone, a rhythm or even a melody. Cia Rinne’s works are influenced by Fluxus, Dada and the Moscow Conceptualists around Lev Rubinstein. They are playful and at the same time strict and are conceived for various media and formats.

Her visual works and sound installations are shown in galleries and museums including the Berlin Grimmuseum, the Kumu Art Museum in Tallinn and in the Artist Book Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Her books have been published in Finland, France, Denmark and Germany. Her documentary projects in collaboration with the Danish photographer Joakim Eskildsen include a book about the Roma of various countries. With the musician Sebastian Eskildsen she has developed the sound installations sounds for soloists (2012) and leçon du mot [le son du mot] (2018).

Publications (selection):
l’usage du mot / notes for soloists / zaroum, kookbooks Berlin 2017

Skal vi blinde os selv og forlade Theben, Forlaget Virkelig, Copenhagen 2017

sentences, Forlaget Gestus, Copenhagen 2019

i am very miserable about sentences, NO Press, Banff 2019


2010 Bukdahls Bet-Award for Experimental Literature