Annika Henderson

Annika Henderson (c) Yess Huerta

Annika Henderson, born in 1987 in Woking, United Kingdom, is a hybrid artist. Formerly a journalist, she has made a name for herself as ‘Anika’ in the electronic music scene primarily with her experimental sound collages. She has been championed by none less than Geoff Barrow of Portishead. As a singer Anika accompanies his band project BEAK>. In 2010 Barrow produced her first album Anika, which brought her her breakthrough. Since then she has worked with such musicians as Michael Rotter, Jandek, Yann Tiersen and Kreidler. Henderson’s various hats include being a poet, a musician, a DJ, a photographer a radio presenter and a film maker – this together with the aspiring Mexican director Txema Novelo. She moves confidently between disciplines, and this can be seen in her poetry; her speaking texts include electronic sound elements as part of her multi-dimensional performances.

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