Anna Crowe

Anna Crowe Foto: Jemimah Kuhfeld

In her work, the Scottish poet and translator Anna Crowe (born 1945, Plymouth) interweaves internal and external landscapes. With a sensitive attentiveness for the diversity of the experience of nature, she opens perspectives on personal histories and global contexts.

Crowe spent a significant part of her childhood in France and studied French and Spanish at St. Andrews University.

She recently published the works “Finding my Grandparents in the Peloponnese” (2013) and “Figure in Landscape” (2010), for which she won the Society Pamphlet Choice and the Callum MacDonald Memorial Awards in 2011. She has translated the contemporary Catalan poet Joan Margarit and was involved in the publication of an anthology of Catalan poets, “Light Off Water”. Several of her works have in turn been translated into Spanish and Catalan. Crowe lives and works in St. Andrews.

Publications (selected)

Skating Out of the House, Peterloo 1997
A Secret History of Rhubarb, Mariscat Press 2004
Punk with Dulcimer, Peterloo 2006
Figure in a Landscape, Mariscat Press 2010
Finding my Grandparents in the Peloponnese, Mariscat Press 2013