Country focus at the 21st poesiefestival berlin is on Canada

In spite of corona, the poesiefestival berlin (5–11 June) is still managing to put its country focus on Canada even in its new form as an online festival. The two big Canadian events, the Berlin Poetry Lecture by Anne Carson and the Canadian-German VERSschmuggel / reVERSible, are taking place – albeit under quite different conditions than originally planned.

Anne Carson: Berlin Poetry Lecture 

The internationally renowned Canadian writer Anne Carson, like all foreign participants, is unable to travel to Berlin – but that’s no reason to cancel the Berlin Poetry Lecture! The author has been sent a microphone and is recording her lecture. 


How do you organise a mammoth translation project between Germany and Canada in three languages during a world-wide pandemic? This year’s VERSschmuggel / reVERSible proves that it can be done, even in a virtual space. 18 authors and nine language mediators will be working together in various groupings translating between two of the three languages French, English and German. The authors will then record their results in mobile phone vertical format. The LONG VERSschmuggel / reVERSible NIGHT will showcase the results with a presenter, split-screen and workshop interviews.

Country focus at the 21st poesiefestival berlin is on Canada