Event: February 2021

Mon 22/2/21
Sun 28/2/21

ZEBRA goes Festival of Hope II

Poetry Films of Hope

Event-Picture: Poetry Films of Hope Filmstill How Do You Raise A Black Child? (c) Seyi Peter-Thomas
Filmstill How Do You Raise A Black Child? (c) Seyi Peter-Thomas


Injustice and discrimination require people to raise their voices and protest. Wherever minorities are oppressed or people are mistreated, effective words are needed to draw attention to these abuses and denounce them. The poems on which the films in this programme are based do so with remarkable intensity. It is a selection of the best poetry films that have been shown in previous editions of the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival.

Film programme at the online Festival of Hope II


Just Say No To Family Values (Italy 2005) by Antonello Faretta

„I come from...“ (England 2011) by Daniel Lucchesi, Alex Ramseyer-Bache

Life and Deaf (England 2012) by Eelyn Lee

The Dice Player (Egypt 2013) by Nissmah Roshdy

Gone Is Syria, Gone (Greece 2016) by Jazra Khaleed

Calling All (Portugal 2015) by Manuel Vilarinho

An ordinary blue Monday (South Africa 2014) by Naomi van Niekerk

What about the law (South Africa 2014) by Charles Badenhorst

And the world turns (Germany 2017) by Rain Kencana

How Do You Raise A Black Child? (USA 2016) by Seyi Peter-Thomas

American Arithmetic (USA 2017) by Mohammed Hammad

Hail the Bodhisattva of Collected Junk (Taiwan 2015) by Mimi Ye