Event: November 2021

02:30 PM



With Delphine Maury (France)

The event language is English.

In her Master Class, Delphine Maury, founder of the production company Tant Mieux Prod and one of the jurors for the 2021 ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival, will be talking about how the annual collection “Fresh out of school” is produced, for which young directors fresh from French animation academies create animations of thirteen poems. The series began in 2012 with poems by Jacques Prévert, followed by Robert Desnos, then Guillaume Apollinaire, Paul Eluard, Claude Roy, Jean Tardieu, Paul Verlaine and Andrée Chedid, with a ninth edition on the subject of freedom in preparation. The Master Class offers insights into the production of poetry films from the producer’s perspective – what is the selection process like? What are the individual working stages? What techniques do the filmmakers use? How is the series financed? Delphine Maury will be providing answers to these and other important questions.

Urania Berlin e. V.

An der Urania 17, 10787 Berlin

Entrance fee:
6/4 Euro

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Wir möchten das ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival für alle Gäste, KünstlerInnen und Mitarbeitende so sicher wie möglich machen.

Deswegen gilt während des Festivals 2G plus tagesaktueller Schnelltest plus Maske (FFP2) in Innenräumen und am Platz. Bitte erscheinen Sie wegen der Einlasskontrolle frühzeitig. Bringen Sie Ihren Lichtbildausweis, ein digitales Impfzertifikat (bzw. dessen Ausdruck) und den digitalen Nachweis des tagesaktuellen Schnelltests mit. SchülerInnen erhalten mit ihrem SchülerInnenausweis Zutritt.

Die Urania Berlin verfügt darüber hinaus über geräumige Säle und eine automatische Belüftung.

Danke für Ihr Verständnis & Ihre Mithilfe.

We would like to make the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival as safe as possible for all guests, artists and staff.

Therefore, only persons who are fully vaccinated or have recovered from Covid-19 (2G) will be permitted entry with an additional up-to-date rapid test and a mask (FFP2) at all times (indoors and seated). Please arrive early because of the admission control. Bring your photo ID, a digital vaccination certificate (or its printout) and the digital proof of the rapid test. Students will be permitted entry with their student ID card.

Additionally, the Urania Berlin has spacious halls and automatic ventilation.

Thank you for your understanding & cooperation.