Event: Mai 2018

08:00 PM

19. poesiefestival berlin

Climate change in poetry

Event-Picture: Climate change in poetry Tsead Bruinja (c) Hilde Brandsma
Tsead Bruinja (c) Hilde Brandsma

Lection & Talk

With Tsead Bruinja NLD | Imtiaz Dharker PAK | Kendel Hippolyte LCA |Jessie Kleemann GRL | Outspoken ZWE

Presenter: Daniela Seel DEU editor, poet

Global warming excites the imagination – at least of those who deny that it is happening. Donald Trump thinks that the Chinese invented it to harm American industry, and the right-wing AfD twists cause and effect by claiming that mass migration to Europe is one of the causes of global warming. These and other crude theories cannot alter the fact that islands in the Pacific are disappearing under the waves, glaciers are melting, hurricanes and floods are making whole areas of land uninhabitable and droughts are accelerating the impoverishment of whole regions. Climate catastrophes have long been setting off waves of refugees, and in Europe, too, it is not just Holland that is affected when state dyke extension programmes are planned.

Poetry has been dealing with this subject for some time. It can engage with the visible and invisible effects of climate change on people and make them tangible through language. In a conversation and reading, Caribbean poet Kendel Hippolyte reminds us that we would treat the world around us differently if we were to understand nature to be our own mother; British-Pakistani poet makes climate change a personal, private and tangible matter; and Greenlandic poet Jessie Kleemann writes her melodic texts in Inuit, a language and culture in which nature and the sound of language are directly interwoven with each other. Tsead Bruinja is concerned with what the threatening consequences of rising sea levels will mean for the Netherlands; while Outspoken from Zimbabwe “captures” drought in poetic ways.

As acoustic accompaniment, the German musician and performance artist Kalle Laar has created a sound carpet of natural catastrophes.

German translations of the poems are available.

English-German interpreting will be available for this event.

The reading Climate change in poetry is taking place in co-operation with the Forum Berlin of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Ecologic Institute and is made possible with the kind support of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the British Council, the Danish Arts Foundation and the Royal Danish Embassy Berlin.


Akademie der Künste

Hanseatenweg 10, 10557 Berlin

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