Event: Mai 2018

Fri 25/5/18
Thu 31/5/18

19. poesiefestival berlin

Exhibition: Amidst Two Points. Anke Becker and Arnold Dreyblatt


The “Amidst Two Points” exhibition features works by Anke Becker and Arnold Dreyblatt. The viewer will be have the chance to see text-based works as well as works based on text-erasures. “Writing Cage” by Arnold Dreyblatt and “Grey Headlines” by Anke Becker play with what we assume to be beginnings and ends, whereas all the “in-betweens” will be found in a continuous alteration.

Artists’ Talk and reading with Anke Becker and Arnold Dreyblatt
29 May | 6 pm
Presenter: Myriam Naumann

This Artists’ Talk is devoted to the movements of language. Both Becker’s Grey Headlines, taken from articles in the New York Times and Dreyblatt’s series Writing Cage which works with text fragments by John Cage open up a field of incessant linguistic presence and absence. The Talk will explore the appearance and disappearance of signs, look into the interstices of language and explore the archive’s artistic positions. The talk will be complemented with a reading by Arnold Dreyblatt.


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